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In Sanskrit, Nurvi means ‘Precious’,‘Fragrant Flower’ and ‘Bliss.’ We chose this name because it embodies what we stand for and what we endeavour to do with our handcrafted ayurvedic products. Yes, spread fragrance, literally and metaphorically, to keep you healthy and glowing so that you enter a state of bliss and continue to remain beautiful inside and out.

Our Vision

To enlighten individuals about the importance of conscious existence and building a community that cares about the well-being of the planet and themselves!

Our Mission

We endeavour to create a space where people embrace the gifts of nature and evolve from the experience.

Our Story

Growing up in villages in and around Maharashtra made Bhagyashree aware of the products that lay in the lap of nature, just waiting to be discovered and nurtured to create sustainable and chemical-free beauty solutions. As time passed, the spark that was ignited in her childhood manifested into ‘Nurvi,’ and she chose to walk a different path which included enlightening people about selfcare and crafting products in sync with experienced ayurvedic practitioners in a quest to give back to nature and ‘you.’

Our Philosophy

The team at Nurvi believes that there is nothing as important as self-care, which is possible while also taking care of the environment. Our 360° model keeps you and mother Earth in the centre of the entire scheme of things and weaves the processes around these aspects. We believe that the body, mind and soul can reach a state of utopia if we understand the importance of loving ourselves and the environment.

Our Products

Thorough research, consultation with skilled ayurvedic practitioners, and tea-time conversations with the elders in the villages made us realize that the gifts of nature are abundant, and we can receive them if only we pause, acquire, and embrace this ancient knowledge. Nurvi’s unique line of products is created to help you with ancient knowledge & handcrafted skincare solutions that will sync your body, mind & soul and take you on your self-care journey. Each product blend is handmade in small batches with ancient traditional methologies using pure and natural ingredients which are sourced from nuts & seeds, flowers, leaves, roots, stems etc. All the ingredients are sourced ethically and directly from farms to maintain purity & efficacy of the products. We also ensure minimal loss of nutrients in processing. Time tested formulations with purest ingredients without any chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrances makes our products unique & effective for holistic healing benefits.

Our Packaging

All our products are also packed in reusable and recyclable packaging so that you can relax knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. We are using glass & metal packaging ensuring minimal usage of plastics. We are also collecting empty Nurvi glass bottles and jars from your doorstep if requested via email, free of cost and try to repurpose them in non-commercial ways.

Because Your Skin Deserves The Best Care